The Spirit Realm: 12 Things Christians Should Know

Few topics polarize the Body of Christ like the spirit realm and spiritual warfare. The discussions may not be as passionate as the gift of tongues, but good-hearted folks can disagree fervently over the impact of demons and Satan in our lives today. I want to outline 12 points that I believe are relevant and important for the times we live in.Let me begin with a straightforward premise: spiritual warfare for believers is for today and ignorance can lead to death. Our active participation is not just for the prayer closet, but for almost every aspect of our daily lives. I’ll not make that case here; we’ve discussed it in other articles, podcasts, and videos.

Many teachings about spiritual warfare are long on generalities and short on personal, practical tools to apply. From my perspective as a deliverance minister, I find them to be biblically accurate, but the focus is on Satan (which misses the point), and directives are vague or inadequate. If you want to develop as a spiritual warrior, you need practical, nuts-and-bolts information you can use.

Below are twelve specific things you need to understand about the spirit realm. There are many more than twelve, but it’s such a biblically compelling number that I’m going to run with it. They provide a framework for moving ahead and getting more skilled for battle.

  1. Our struggle is against demonic spirits assigned to us, not Satan himself. This distinction is important because we can put the battle in the proper context. Satan is not omnipotent, omniscient, nor omnipresent, unlike our God. Do we really think that 99.9999 % of us warrant his attention and presence? He has a hierarchy of evil agents at his disposal, but he is not our personal antagonist.
  2. Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, but skirmishes are still happening. The demonic kingdom is actively at work to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) and will work to derail your destiny. At salvation, your battle is not over; instead, it’s just beginning!
  3. There are not demons behind every problem, but you cannot counsel demons out of people. You can receive and act on biblical counsel when the torment is gone.
  4. Fasting does not typically drive demons out as many contend by referencing Matthew 17:21 and Mark 9:29. Read our article: Does Deliverance Ministry Require Prayer and Fasting?
  5. There is more to spiritual warfare than praying and rebuking. Sadly, many people never progress beyond these activities. Discerning spirits, resisting them and driving them out are also important elements.
  6. If you cannot wage spiritual warfare more effectively, it will be hard to reach your destiny in Christ. Everyone is called to battle; it’s not a spiritual gift open only to some. Failure to learn and grow can lead to wrong results (Hosea 4:6).
  7. Demon spirits are created beings with minds, wills, and emotions and operate in a hierarchical structure (Matt 12:45). They are your real enemy.
  8. We have been given power and authority over the demonic realm, and they know it. Do you know it… and believe it?
  9. Knowledge is essential otherwise fear rules. Demonic movies are designed to put fear into you, so avoid them; that is not the real spiritual world. Get your knowledge and training from trusted sources and not random internet searches. Much of what you’ll find, even from Christian sites, is incomplete at best misleading or inaccurate at worst.
  10. There are three heavens; demonic activity happens only in the first two. There are different demons in each realm, and our strategies and tactics must reflect that. Deliverance and binding/loosing is a first heaven (earthly) activity. Second heaven warfare should be engaged in by people who are correctly trained and covered spiritually because the enemies are different.
  11. Most interpersonal problems are grounded in spirit realm issues. Paul, in Ephesians 6:12, reminds us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against evil forces in the heavenly and earthly realms.
  12. Our human mind is the primary battlefield for individuals. After you are delivered from demons, this is where much of the struggle occurs. It is vital to grow in knowledge and giftings so you can maintain the victory.

You are the head, not the tail, more than a conqueror in Christ (Rom 8:37). Did you know that? Do you believe it? If you do, then you must begin to walk that reality out in your life. The demonic realm knows and understands, and if you start to grow and mature in these areas, stable and lasting fruit will begin to manifest in your life. Fruit of the Spirit in you and salvations and changed lives in your family. It’s worth the effort.

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Don Ibbitson
Author: Don Ibbitson