Our 5-step approach

We have ministered deliverance to thousands of people in one and one environments and even more in group seminars! Above & Beyond utilizes a proven and effective five-step process that allows the prayee to be prepared before, during and after ministry!

Step #1: Interview

  • Understanding of client background and family history.  We teach all about this during the classes.
  • Two interview sessions are scheduled for couples.

Step #2: Teaching 1 - Joint Session for Couples

  • “Entry Points/Open Doors for Demonic Torment”
  • Homework: “Demonic Strongholds List” and “Entry Points” list
  • Receive “Morning Prayer & Declarations” and “Evening Prayer & Declarations” handouts

Step #3: Teaching 2 - Joint Session for Couples

  • Identifying and  “Closing Open Doors”

Step #4: Deliverance Session

  • Individual, personal ministry.  Spirits called out one at a time.
  • Spouses/couples are prayed for separately

Step #5: Teaching 3 - Joint Session for Couples

  • “Staying on the Narrow Road to Life”.  Fifteen steps to stay free and to discern and battle the spirits when they return to the house (Matt 12:44 Luke 11:24). For those who express an interest, we also have a “Home Cleansing Prayer


Download our deliverance ministry guide, "7 Keys To Becoming a Successful Deliverance Minister". This informative guide is yours with no obligation.