Spiritual Warfare for Parents of Teenagers [Course]


Our newest spiritual warfare training product is geared towards spiritually aware parents of teenagers/older children who:

  • Are struggling with a troubled child and need help to prepare them for deliverance / Christian counseling or,
  • Want to learn how to warfare spiritually against the demonic torment coming against their child.

What you'll learn

  • Video teachings (over two hours) on:
    • How this course will help you
    • Open doors for demonic torment, including:
      • Generational iniquity and word curses/journalling
      • Fear, trauma, and abuse
      • Ungodly soul ties (bonding)
      • Music and videos
      • Tattoos and cutting
    • Assessing and dealing with objects in your teenager’s bedroom
    • The power of “Binding and Loosing”
    • Specific warfare strategies and declarations
  • Video Transcripts (pdf)
  • Downloadable handouts
    • Worksheets to help you itemize your prayers and declarations
    • Daily warfare and evening prayers
    • Specific prayers/declarations:
      • Dealing with generational curses/iniquity and word curses
      • Break ungodly soul ties
      • Prayer over your teenager’s room
      • Binding and loosing

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