Most frequent questions and answers

We see in the bible that Jesus spent a great deal of time healing and delivering people from demonic spirits. He trained the disciples to do deliverance ministry and sent them out with power and authority to do that work. We believe that same call is on the Church today (Mark 16:15-19).There are many different “styles” used to minister deliverance and some clients are concerned that we will embarrass or hurt them. We minister deliverance prayer through a process we have learned that is biblically based, sensitive to the needs of the individual and in a personal, private manner that results in great victory.

We believe that every believer can benefit from going through deliverance. In general, however, deliverance can be beneficial when someone is unable to gain the victory over some area of their life where they have tried many other means. This would include one or more of repeated prayer, extensive counseling, fasting and more. Areas where we have seen deliverance ministry be effective include battles with depressionangeraddictions,fearpornography and more!

Possession implies ownership. A born-again believer becomes a child of God and is therefore “God-possessed”. However believers can be demon-OPPRESSED… hence the need for deliverance. In a similar manner, a person can own a house and have that house infested by termites. No one says that the termites possess the house but the termites need to get dealt with. Termites get killed and demons get kicked out!

Absolutely not! Part of our teaching process is to show the demonic realm affects our soul (mind/memory/emotions). We also have a free will that God does not typically violate and we must take responsibility for our choices and decisions. The reality is that many people are powerless to get victory because they do not understand that demonic torment is behind their problem and when they are free they are better able to follow in the leading of the Holy Spirit as they purpose their will after Him.

The Lord has shown us a thorough five-session process of teaching and preparation before we pray deliverance over someone. It is done in a quiet, respectful and private way that does not involve theatrics. Check out our testimonials.

There can be a demonic stronghold in a person’s life when they are unable to gain or keep victory in spite of trying to do all the “right” biblical things. Examples include depression, extreme fear or panic attacks, addictions, perversions (chronic masturbation, homosexuality, child molestation, pornography and more), fear, lying, guilt, shame and much more.

In Mark 16:15-19, Jesus gave His church directions and a commission. Part of the signs that follow believers is to “drive out demons” in His name. He is the same yesterday, today and forever so we believe that call is still upon His church today!

Christians can be demon oppressed but not demon possessed. At salvation, a person receives a born again spirit only. Demonic torment/oppression results from strongholds in the soul and body, in the case of infirmity. Christians, are “God-possessed” because at salvation we get adopted into God’s family.

At Above & Beyond we are able to minister to the needs of each client because we focus on counseling, deliverance and sanctification…hence the CDS process. Many people spend years in counseling (or on medication) yet cannot get freedom because they need deliverance ministry. You cannot counsel demons out of people… they need to be delivered.

We only minister deliverance to those who have received Jesus as their Savior. If there is doubt, we lead them in a prayer of repentance and a return to Christ, as with the prodigal son. Without that foundation then it will be difficult for a person to get free and ultimately stay free afterwards.  The “house” needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the person equipped to discern and resist the demons when they seek to return (Matthew 12:44).

There are parts of the Body of Christ that believe that the ministry of deliverance ended with death of the apostles.  This is one of many issues where brothers and sisters in the Lord will agree to disagree. If we encounter someone who is open, then we ask them to examine the Scriptures and check testimonies from our ministry and others. We will not debate the issue because we have seen the fruit of deliverance in many people’s lives.

We do not judge those who disagree and we are certainly willing to try to help them with other counseling issues.