[Primer] Deliverance Ministry Combo (3 Online Videos)


Do you want to understand how the earthly demonic realm operates so you can wage warfare more effectively? Do you have a solid biblical understanding of the demonic realm? Are you unsure how demons operate in the world today but would like to learn more? Are we to battle demons here or is all the warfare in the heavenly realms?

Maybe you’ve been taught that the war is over, that you don’t need to be concerned about demons but you are unsure if this is true. Do you have an interest in learning more about deliverance ministry and getting some questions answered? Maybe it is something you would like to become involved in but you have some basic questions you want answered.

This combo of all three videos provides an 16% savings over each video purchased separately.

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What you'll learn

Deliverance Ministry Demystified In this lesson, we answer the following:

  • What is deliverance?
  • Is it for today?
  • How do you know if someone needs deliverance?
  • Who can do it?
  • Do Christians need deliverance?

Spiritual Warfare Where We Live Understand how warfare in the demonic realm is waged.

  • If Jesus has won the victory, why do we still need to do warfare?
  • Fields of warfare on earth
  • What are our weapons?
  • How do we discern the demonic realm at work?
  • Four modes of warfare
  • Introduction to deliverance ministry

Getting to Know Earthly Demons An eye-opening lesson reviewing the demonic forces at work on earth.

  • Why do we need to understand how demons work?
  • How do demons operate in the world?
  • What is the nature of demons?
  • How do they operate in the world?
  • How do they attack me?
  • Introduction to spiritual warfare

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