God’s View Today: Adjusting the Lens on Healing and Deliverance


There is a worn-out cycle Satan unleashes.  He is a thief, he knows you, he hates you, and he wants to steal your identity.  He creeps in to kill, steal, and destroy God’s plan for your life. He is not creative with his assault because what he is using has worked for centuries. But God’s plan is to prosper you!  In God’s View Today-Adjusting the Lens on Healing and Deliverance, Phyllis Tarbox and Kathleen Peck reveal:

    • Generational iniquity familiar to your ethnicity and the land of your forefathers.
    • Deliverance from spiritual regions of darkness where your soul is held captive.
    • The power to change your atmosphere with words, sound, and frequencies.
    • Soul-Ties that enslave you to your past.
    • Bitterness, Identity Theft, and more….

This book is a bold presentation of God’s multi-faceted wisdom and perspective.  It touches on subjects not often addressed in the church in the areas of deliverance, healing, and sanctification.

It is time to adjust your lens to see and be liberated from demonic strongholds that plaque your life and for the tearing down of principalities and powers in heavenly places.  Get ready for your faith to explode as you read cutting-edge teaching from the word of God and powerful testimonies of those who have been delivered and set free!

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