Deliverance Ministry: Why We Look Into The Eyes

The phrase “there are many different ways to skin a cat” certainly applies to deliverance ministry. Apart from the furor of animal rights activists, the term colorfully illustrates the disparity of approaches that pastors, ministers and counselors use.

At Above & Beyond, we sit directly in front of the prayee, hold their hand and spend much of the two-hour session calling out spirits and looking into their eyes?

Why do we do that?

Let me first address the nature of our approach versus others. Some minister at the altar or in front of a large group. The session can be quiet or can become quite animated.  Many ministers believe and expect that there will be physical manifestations and turmoil as they attempt to wrestle unwilling demons out of people.

We respect this diversity of methodologies in the body of Christ and rejoice in the knowledge that many are involved in this important ministry. Our view is similar to the apostle Paul who said in Philippians 1:8 that he was happy to have the gospel preached however it was done.

We avoid criticizing or commenting on other approaches and try only to do the best we can with the knowledge and understanding the Lord has given us. We attempt to draw as much as we can from the Bible and then adapt the process to what seems to work most effectively.

We hold people’s hands, or lay hands upon them, because that is what Christ modeled when he ministered healing to those who needed it. (Mark 16:18, Matthew 8:2-3, Matthew 9:29).

Driving Out Demons By Looking Into The Eyes

We look into people’s eyes for two reasons:

  1. The eyes are the windows to the soul (Matt 6:22-23) and deliverance ministry involves calling demons out of a person’s soul. We are looking into the soul and addressing the spirits directly. This practice is a matter of preference for us for this reason, although it is not modeled in Scripture. However, the next point offers a tangible physical benefit that helps us be more efficient in ministry.
  2. We can also see the person’s face and countenance for indicators that demons are manifesting or leaving. A spirit will often cause a person’s face or eyes to twitch. The eyes can narrow or widen. There can also be tears welling up, flaring of the nostrils, tongue movement and other signs that surface when demons are agitated or departing.

We have used this approach to minister deliverance to many thousands of clients and seminar attendees. Until the Lord gives us a better way, we will keep doing this.

If you are ministering in deliverance using any process or procedure, we suggest you give this a try and please let us know the results.

Don Ibbitson
Author: Don Ibbitson