Deliverance Ministry Process

At Above & Beyond Christian Counseling, we have ministered deliverance to thousands of people in one and one environments and thousands more in our “Released to Soar” group deliverance seminars!

We utilizes a proven and effective five-step process that allows the prayee to be prepared before, during and after ministry! For the “Released to Soar” group deliverance seminars, there is no session 1, “Interview”, with the attendees. They go through sessions 2 through 5 over the course of three days.

Our counseling center, using this process, was featured on Lisa Ling’s “Fighting Satan” television program on how deliverance ministry was helping people deal with emotional problems. See the excerpt.

Session 1: The Interview

  • Understanding of client background and family history.  This helps us minister deliverance more effectively because we understand the client’s issues and background. It also helps us tailor a custom counseling program as appropriate.
  • Separate interview sessions are scheduled for couples.

Session 2: Teaching 1 - Open Doors / Entry Points for Demonic Torment

  • Joint session for couples
  • Homework: “Demonic Strongholds List” and “Entry Points” list
  • Receive “Morning Declarations & Prayer” and “Evening Declarations & Prayer” handouts

Session 3: Teaching 2 - “Closing Open Doors”

  • Joint session for couples
  • Homework to prepare for deliverance ministry session

Session 4: Deliverance Session

  • This is a double session: the process typically takes two hours
  • Individual, personal ministry. Spirits called out one at a time.
  • Spouses/couples are prayed for separately (hence, two double sessions).

Session 5: Teaching 3 - “Staying on the Narrow Road to Life”

  • Joint session for couples
  • Handout. Fifteen steps to stay free and to discern and battle the spirits when they return to the house (Matt 12:44, Luke 11:24). For those who express an interest, we also have a “Home Cleansing Prayer“.

Watch the short video below.

In summary, the deliverance ministry process typically comprises five (5) separate sessions for individuals (one double session means six paid sessions total) and seven (7) separate sessions for couples (nine paid sessions). At the conclusion of the sessions, additional counseling may be required or recommended.

The group seminars have two teaching sessions, the deliverance ministry session and then the follow up teaching (session 5) is sent out in an email with links to the handouts and an online teaching.

The Deliverance Academy is dedicated to providing: (1) Superior training products so ministers can learn our Five-Step Deliverance Ministry Process and be effective in setting the captives free (Mark 16:17) and (2) Excellent deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare training products.

NCCA Accreditation

The National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (A.C.I.) as a Comprehensive Accredited Member. Website: