Christian Counselors Doing Deliverance – More or Fewer?

“Do you think Christian Counselors are more open to deliverance ministry these days?”

I hear this question periodically. I do not know about numbers, but believe many believers will benefit if they had access to this help more readily.

Many denominations refute the notion that Christians need deliverance, so Counselors trained under their spiritual covering do not entertain the need for it.

We’ve generated lots of articles, podcasts and videos laying forth our position that the ministry is for believers and it is for today, not just for seasons past. I’m not going to rehash those arguments here; you can look at our article, podcast and YouTube archives if you are interested.

The spiritual darkness and evil acts that permeate more and more of the world’s newsfeed have, I believe, raised people’s awareness of Satan and the demonic realm.

It’s tough to view many atrocities in the world through any other lens other than there are evil forces at work. In the church, preachers and teachers will lament this rise and exhort their flocks to bind, resist, rebuke and generally get mad at the devil. The messages can be fiery, heartfelt and sometimes helpful, but what is the remedy for those who try to follow what they have been taught but do not see victory?

I’ve talked to many Christian counselors who have poured tirelessly into some clients and not seen lasting fruit or breakthrough in defeating the torment.  The issues they are dealing with include fear, anger, depression, addictions and lust/perversion to name only the most prevalent ones.

They frequently conclude, with no real theology to back up their views that the devil is somehow behind the problems their client is experiencing. Traditional counseling techniques and processes, even after months or years of trial, do not yield victory. Many of these counselors will also employ inner healing processes in an attempt to get to the root. Some will bind and rebuke Satan off their lives, or lead the counselee in animated declarations of war against the torment, to little avail.

I have personally witnessed a small resurgence of Christian counselors who are open to incorporating deliverance into their practice. Many may believe in the need for it but don’t know how to do it effectively. Some disdain the theatrics and bombast that they have seen in person or on social media. Others, while recognizing the need, prefer to refer them to trained “professionals” like us who do deliverance more extensively (insert crooked “smiley face” here).

Who can blame those who are wary or even fearful of getting involved? Some methods do appear frightening, like a three-ring circus. Who wants to be part of that, especially within the quiet and private confines of a counseling office?

Christian Counseling Meshes With Deliverance Ministry

I’ve said before that Christian counselors can be more effective in helping clients if they see deliverance as one of the clubs in their bag, to use a golfing analogy.

There are not demons behind every problem, but one cannot counsel demons out of people. Jesus didn’t do it, and many of His children endure long seasons of heartache and torment because they need someone to kick the devils out of them rather than talk at them more.

I’ve had little success trying to convince counselors they should include deliverance as part of their therapeutic processes. Either they get the revelation on their own from the Lord, or they resist it.

I see the door widening by the counselors who are purchasing our Boot Camp training. It is gratifying to hear the testimonies from them about people they have helped through this new offering.

There are plenty of biblically sound, gentle and effective deliverance ministry tools and processes in the Body of Christ. My prayer and fervent hope are that more Christian Counselors catch the vision. Above & Beyond, and many others, are here to help when they begin to explore options.

The need is great, the harvest is ready, and deliverance ministry is one of the fields where we need to pray for the Lord to send more workers!  Those who are already counseling to the sheep are well suited to join the team.

If you’re a Christian Counselor, I encourage you to explore the dynamics and possibilities of incorporating this into your offering.  If you are a follower of Christ and believe in the present day ministry of driving out demons, do the research. Become trained and experienced through reputable sources and be prepared to embark on this venture as the Lord opens doors for you.

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Don Ibbitson
Author: Don Ibbitson