10 Things To (Ideally) Know Before Praying Deliverance For Someone

We believe in a structured deliverance ministry process to prepare the prayee before deliverance prayer is actually done, typically during the fourth session.

Before praying deliverance, we have an interview to gain understanding of the prayee’s background, current issues, family history and more. This helps our prayer session be more effective.

It is important to mention that when we have our group Deliverance Seminars, our prayer team does not have the benefit of this information when we minister. The prayer happens without this interview being done. Significantly, many people get very powerful deliverances because they do the preparation on their own and the persons ministering to them are doing deliverance ministry and not counseling!

Personal and individual prayer ministry is typically more effective than group prayer primarily because of some of the insights we gain based upon answers to questions like the following:

  1. Tell me about your home life growing up?
  2. General atmosphere in home Mother/father issues? Stepparents?
  3. Brothers/sisters… get a (very brief!) “snapshot” of their lives to see if there are generational curses at work.
  4. Abuse growing up.. type and by whom (to break soul ties)? Traumas in your life at any time?
  5. Occultic activities of family members
  6. Significant Relationships History (Don’t need a complete list of sexual partners/experiences).
  7. Abusive/controlling ones (soul tie issues to be addressed)
  8. Any involvement in occultic activities? Freemasonry?
  9. Is there anyone who hates you or has ever hated you or your family? (Curses issue) Physical Issues/Infirmities (We look for spiritual roots)
  10. Tell me about your relationship with the Lord?

Answers to these questions, and knowing how to utilize them in the process, help make the deliverance ministry more effective for the prayee.

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Don Ibbitson
Author: Don Ibbitson